Our fish batter doesn’t contain any dairy products, so our BATTERED COD OR HADDOCK can be ordered, please request no tartar sauce
All dishes below served with a dairy-free waffle, please ensure your server knows you are requesting dairy-free meal
BIG BREAKFAST, 2 Cumberland Sausages, 2 Oak Smoked Bacon, Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms and Baked Beans
LIGHT BREAKFAST 1 Cumberland Sausage, Oak Smoked Bacon, Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms and Baked Beans
VEGGIE BREAKFAST Vegetarian Sausages, Tomato, Mushroom, Baked Beans
BACON & BANANA Oak Smoked Bacon, Banana
BRUNCH Cumberland Sausages, Oak Smoked Bacon, Baked Beans
BEEF CHILLI Home-made Beef Chilli, Nachos, Avocado
VEGETABLE CHILLI Home-made Vegetable Chilli, Nachos, Avocado
PRAWN & CRAYFISH Honey & Mustard Prawns and Crayfish, Avocado, Lemon
HOUMOUS & AVOCADO Houmous, Avocado, Sun-dried Tomatoes
PLAIN WAFFLE Dairy-free Vanilla Ice-cream
CINNAMON SUGAR  Dairy-free Vanilla  Ice-cream
CHOCOLATE SAUCE Dairy-free Vanilla Ice-cream
CHOCOLATE SAUCE & BANANA Dairy-free Vanilla Ice-cream
ROCKY ROAD Chocolate Sauce, Marshmallows, Raisins
FRESH FRUIT Fresh Fruit, Raspberry Coulis, Dairy-free Vanilla Ice-cream
KID’S SWEET WAFFLE Dairy-free Vanilla Ice-cream, Chocolate or Raspberry Sauce, Banana or Fresh Fruit, Sprinkles